The most accomplished leaders are those who not only believe that innovation is the key to success — they lean into others to help them fuel that innovation.

Whether you’re pivoting your business strategies during unprecedented changes, building up your employees’ dedication to your organization, or looking for ways to achieve new curves of growth, hearing from other leaders is always beneficial.

Jumpstart your own innovation with these tips, tidbits, and stories from front-line leaders just like you.

Leading During the Unexpected

In this episode of Lead Now, you’ll hear from 3 business leaders in very different industries. They discuss how the coronavirus pandemic brought out unprecedented creativity, allowing them to adapt their workflows so as to stay both productive and safe, and ultimately unexpected uses of their leadership skills.

Shelly Wilkes | President of the Lakeland Magic, G-League affiliate of the NBA’s Orlando Magic
Christina Graham | Executive Director of the entrepreneurial co-working space, Catapult
Andy McEntire | Founder of Indie Atlantic Films & Co-Founder of Concord Coffee
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More Inspiration

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Leading Remote

In this conversation with Bryan and Shannon Miles, owners and founders of BELAY, you’ll discover how having a team who works remotely can be a strength — instead of a setback — for your business.

Connection Currency

In this episode of Dr. Kent Ingle’s popular podcast, Framework Leadership, renowned Wall Street executive Carla Harris shares wisdom on owning your power, building relationships, and overcoming fear in decision making.
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Creative Leadership

Dr. Emile Hawkins of SEU shares how to discover your creativity and improve your leadership.

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